Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Selamat Ulangtahun Kelahiran - Muhamad Aduha bin Rosli

Another Birthday Together
Your birthday marks another year together;
Such happy times, I couldn’t ask for more,
Spending precious minutes, hours and days
With you, my love, whom I cherish and adore.

We’ve shared so much, we two, in love and friendship;
Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow.
I always want to be right next to you;
To be with you means more than you can know.

You’re always there for me with a loving smile;
I’m never happier than when I know you’re near.
I thought my love for you could not grow stronger;
And yet I love you even more this year.

It’s your birthday, but I got the gift--
You in my life for another year.

 By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Selamat ulangtahun ke-32 mr.hasben... i luv u sampai hujung nyawa...


Aku intan yann brand said...

Sama umur hasben I..

minta izin folow yer.. ade mase nanti leh jenguk corner sy plak

Ayu Katerina said...

selamat hari tuooo hahahahahha

Sella Shahbudin said...

intan...sila..sila.. heheh..

ayu... dia nak hadiah beskal dari tewan.. ekekeke....

Ayu Katerina said...

beskal utk dompot reti le aku beli.. beskal utk dia dtg le sini mencari hihihihi